How to Live With Cat Allergies

Funny story. I live with 5 cats, volunteer regularly with a no-kill cats-only rescue organization, and am a cat behaviorist. So, I come into close contact with a lot of cats on a consistent basis. And guess what...I'm allergic to cats! Oh, the irony of life sometimes! I wasn't always this way, but as we age, our immune system changes and sometimes people find themselves with allergies that they never had before. In my case, I met my husband. Not that he's entirely to blame, but I had a perfectly reasonable number of two cats when I met him, and he had three cats. After about a year of living in the same house with five cats, I realized that (while I had never had allergies before), my "seasonal" allergies (that I assumed were the result of me moving to the Pacific Northwest) just weren't going away. I joked that I was probably allergic to cats.