Make Rest-Of-The-Year Resolutions For Your Cat’s Well-Being

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How are Those New Year’s Resolutions Coming Along?

It’s never too late to start on your New Year’s resolutions, or revise the ones you made in January. It may be February, but 2016 is still getting started, so don’t feel bad if you still haven’t gotten those resolutions done yet. You can still start that diet, get a better job, and strive to be the best person possible.

While you’re revisiting your resolutions, consider making pet resolutions as well. If you’re a cat owner, there are some things you can do to improve the lives of both you and your cat, and I’ll show you a few resolutions for your cat you can make.

resolutions for your cat

Make a Resolution to Improve Your Cat’s Diet and Exercise Regimen

Perhaps the biggest resolution people make is to lose weight. Everyone wants to lose those extra pounds, especially if they’ve gained some over the holidays. But while you’re worrying about your own body, are you concerned about your cat’s, too?

It’s important that your cat keeps a normal weight. A fat, lazy cat has been a staple of comedy for many years, but in reality, cat obesity isn’t anything to laugh at. If you haven’t been giving your cat the right nutrition, or haven’t been giving him enough exercise, do so ASAP.

If you’re trying to lose weight as well, why not do it together? One good way to get the two of you outside is to walk your cat, just like you would with a dog. It may sound strange, but if your cat’s social, he may love it.

Make a Resolution to Give Kitty a Better Bathroom Experience

If you’ve been neglecting cleaning out your cat’s litterbox, what better time to do it than now? A cat’s litterbox should be cleaned once a day, have his litter replaced once a week, and have his box replaced every year or so. You might want to think about finding a better litter brand. If you do this, not only will your house smell better, if odor is a problem, but you’ll be giving your cat a fresh place to do his business every time.

Make a Resolution to Give Kitty More Playtime

Playtime is important for any kitty. Besides exercise benefits, it keeps the cat mentally stimulated, too. Playtime can keep you entertained as well. Consider buying your cat a new toy, or just using something simple to keep your cat entertained, such as letting your cat chase a piece of string. Both you and your cat need playtime to unwind, so if you’re not doing it yet, consider it.

Make a Resolution to Give Kitty Another Furry Friend

If you own one cat, your kitty may get bored, especially if you’re always out of the house. If you have the resources to do so, consider adopting a new feline to keep your kitty company! Introduce your new cat to your old one, and soon, they’ll be the best of friends!

For those who don’t want another cat, why not a dog? Despite what you may have heard, dogs and cats can be best friends if you do it right. So if you have room for another pet, now’s the time to give your cat a friend he’ll cherish forever.

Make a Resolution to Teach Your Cat a New Trick

When we think of animal tricks, we think of dogs, more than likely. However, cats can learn tricks, too! Here are a few tricks you can try out:

  • Sit: A classic dog trick your cat can learn, sit is useful for many reasons. If your cat won’t stop moving, telling him to sit can calm him down. It’s also useful whenever there’s a distraction, in order to keep your cat from chasing after it. Just like the classic dog trick, this will take some time, but if you keep persisting, your cat will be sitting whenever you tell him to.
  • The Handshake: Another classic dog trick your cat can do. By using a clicker, or a treat, you can teach your cat how to shake your hand. Besides being a cute way for you and kitty to bond, you’ll entertain your friends as well.
  • An Obstacle Course: If your kitty is always running and jumping everywhere, why not turn that into something entertaining? A kitty obstacle course can be quite fun, and you can use household items to make it happen. Boxes, hoops, and furniture are just a few things you can use, and you can even use a fishing rod in order to keep kitty going across the obstacle course. Neat, huh?

If Nothing Else, Make a Resolution to Be There for Your Cat

I know life can be hectic. You probably have commitments, whether it’s work, school, or family. But you still need to be there for your cat. Give him attention, take some time to pet him and give him head rubs, let him rub against your leg. By just being there for your cat, you can improve his well-being like never before.

So if you haven’t made resolutions for your cat yet, do so. Your kitty deserves only the best from you, and by making small changes to improve his life, you and your cat will reap the benefits. So see what you can improve in your pet’s life, and start making gradual changes today.

Emily Parker is the Chief Creative Cat at, a cat information website. She’s the proud cat parent of two loving kitties. Find out what she’s up to next at!

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