Below are toys that I regularly recommend to my clients.  To be completely transparent, I am an affiliate for Amazon, so I do get paid when you purchase these supplies using the below links (if they are from Amazon; I am not an affiliate of any of the other companies listed here).  HOWEVER, I’ve been recommending these resources long before becoming an affiliate because I know they work, either from experience with my own cats, or through feedback from my clients.  If you have any questions about these products, please let me know!

Interactive Toys  •  Food Puzzles and Feeders

Interactive Toys

Good toys are a MUST when you have cats.  I HIGHLY recommend wand toys – specifically Da Bird – and various lures (which you can easily modify to use with Da Bird) to mimic your cats’ natural prey items: birds, mice, snakes, and insects (among other things).  See my article about the various types of cat toys and the prey sequence HERE.  Below are the wand toys and lures that I’ve been recommending to my clients for years:

  The Da Bird Pole Toy (36″): Interactive Guinea Feather Cat Toy



  Handmade Natural Feather Cat Toy Da Bird Refills (6-Pack)



Da Bird Purr-Peller Refill for Da Bird



Go Cat Mouse Refill  Go Cat Catcher Mouse Refill Toy




 Da Rat Refill Toy (3-Pack)



Neko Flies Kragonfly  Neko Flies Kragonfly Lure (you can easily modify this to fit on the Da Bird rod, or you can purchase the Neko Flies Rod and Kragonfly Set)



Neko Flies Kattipede (my cats’ favorite – again, you can easily modify this to fit on the Da Bird rod; there are many other Neko Flies lures, too!)



Worm Toy Lures (easily clips on to Da Bird for bug and/or snake play)



Cat Charmer  Cat Charmer Interactive Wand Toy (this is great for playing snake/string games)



Cat Dancer  Cat Dancer Lure Toy (this is a simple toy that mimics bugs – cats love it)



Tech-Inspired Cat Toys - Engaser Purple  Engazer USB-Rechargeable Laser Pointer (comes in purple or white; mimics bugs, and no more dead laser pointers!)



Food Puzzles and Feeders

Trixie Tunnel FeederTrixie Tunnel Feeder (good starter food puzzle, works great with kibble)



Trixie Activity CenterTrixie 5-in-1 Activity Center – This is my FAVORITE food puzzle! (great for both dry treats/kibble, and wet food in the shallow square structures)



Trixie Mad ScientistTrixie Mad Scientist (a little more difficult, good for treats)



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