Is Zombie Cats From Mars The Next Cult Classic?

Is Zombie Cats From Mars the Next Cult Classic?  Only time will tell…

It’s been scientifically proven that watching cat videos is good for your health (and that’s actual science, so there’s no arguing about that!).  So how healthy would you be if you watched an entire movie starring cats?  If you’ve been following me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram (hint, hint!) you may have seen me post about a little film called Zombie Cats From Mars.  Talk about being the next cult classic mega hit – the title alone makes it a winner!  I became involved in this movie through the writer, who knew I loved cats and that I had potential access to cats who could be featured in his film.  And, girl, did I ever!  All Ryan (the writer) had to do was put the words “zombie” and “cats” together and I was in.  We were able to work out a deal with Furry Friends, the no-kill cat shelter that I volunteer with, and MWB3 Problems, the production company, and voila!  I suddenly found myself in the position of being the cat handler for this crazy little movie about zombie cats!  Is it possible that I could have a tiny role in making history?  Is Zombie Cats From Mars the next cult classic?

What was it like being the cat handler on set?

To be honest, being the cat handler was a bit stressful.  I had never done anything like this before, and my primary concern was keeping all of the cats from Furry Friends safe during filming.  Fortunately, I had several assistants (who were also volunteers from Furry Friends) helping me out with each day of shooting, just to make sure that all of the cats were well taken care of on and off set.  I was most worried about the outdoor scenes, but I was able to use a line attached to the cats’ collars to make sure that no one got lost during filming!  The line was “painted” out during post-production, so while it looks like the cats are simply running around the neighborhood menacing the innocent citizens of Portland, everything was actually pretty well controlled.  Whew!  And, while some of the cats may have been slightly annoyed during filming, absolutely no animals were harmed in the making of this movie, including a mouse (who was subsequently taken home by the writer and now lives a posh life and goes by the name of “Lobster”).

How PAWesome was the Washington debut?

Thanks for asking – the Washington debut of Zombie Cats From Mars on June 11 was absolutely CATASTIC!!!  We had quite a crowd show up at The Kiggins Theatre in downtown Vancouver, WA, to see Zombie Cats take over Portland.  The film actually made its world debut in Portland the week earlier, but what was special about this screening was that Furry Friends was given a donation of half of the proceeds from ticket sales!  And for an organization that operates entirely on donations, this was very good news.  We had a lot of cat supporters present, as well as cast and crew, the writer and director, and people who simply love cats and zombies.  The audience had a ton of fun watching the movie, and seeing the film in this setting was exciting.  The best part?  All of the Furry Friends kitties who starred in the movie have been adopted!  In fact, the film’s makeup artist fell in love with Nico on set, and adopted her after filming was concluded.  What a happy ending!

What are people saying about Zombie Cats From Mars?

Considering that this was a micro-budget independent film called Zombie Cats From Mars, the reviews have been MEOWtstanding!  Take this little gem from the Portland Mercury: “The title didn’t already sell you on Zombie Cats from Mars? Add to the glorious bounty: a squadron of cat actors who scratch, purr, and bat at each other’s faces, Friday references, puns, and so many feline POV shots you’ll want to chase your own tail. This is delightful and silly and LOL funny—finally, a local B-movie that nails it!”  Pretty good, huh???  And for a meatier review, check out this post by Schmollywood Babylon, who really gets into the film’s storyline, acting, and who describes the movie as “a perfect film for the Rocky Horror audience and [those of] us who might or might not have some kind of semi-sick obsession with our furry friends the cats”.  Ooooh – so intriguing!

What’s next for the Zombie Cats?

We’re working on getting another couple of showings in Southwest Washington that will also benefit Furry Friends, and are talking about bringing the movie to other major cities.  Your town could be on the list!  And, there have been whispers of a sequel…so who knows…Zombie Cats From Mars could be the next cat cult classic indeed, given its success so far!  Keep an eye out for more information (you can follow Zombie Cats From Mars on Facebook and Twitter), and stop by the MWB3 Problems website to purchase the movie and other Zombie Cats items.  I’m so thrilled that I was able to assist with this movie, help some cats get adopted, and bring in some funds to Furry Friends.  I don’t know if I’ll have much of a future in the movie-cat-handling business, but I sure am happy that I had this unique opportunity and experience!  Thank you, MWB3 Problems, and everyone who has supported the making of this film and the cats from Furry Friends!

Zombie Cats From Mars Peggy Sue - Thank You

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