How to Change Your Cat’s Behavior

How to Change Your Cat’s Behavior

Just a ThoughtYour cat is doing something – anything, really – that you would like to change.  Whether it’s not using the litterbox, being aggressive with another cat in the home, or simply jumping up on the counters where you prepare food, you wish that this behavior would stop!  The good news is that you can change your cat’s behavior.  But because cats respond to their environment and those within it, they are not going to change their behavior on their own.  The fact is, the only way to change your cat’s behavior is to change YOUR behavior.  This can include making changes to your cat’s physical environment, establishing new habits for yourself (for example, setting up a scheduled play time for each day), or changing the way you interact with your cat.  Your cat does not have the power to change her environment or her needs; only you can change her environment and control if/how/when her needs are met!

Successful Changes are the Result of Two Things

I’ve worked with a lot of clients to change their cats’ behaviors.  I do not change cats; my clients do.  My job is to provide recommendations for changes my clients need to make to see desirable behaviors.  The most successful clients are ones that are 1) open-minded to change, with a “can-do” attitude, and 2) take the initiative to do the work.  Sometimes it’s easy, other times it’s more challenging.  But the only way your cat will change is if you take the first step to change something yourself.

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