Cat Nutrition – How and What to Feed Your Kitty

Are you confused about what to feed your cat, or how much or often you should feed her?  Cat nutrition doesn’t have to be complicated, and by learning the basics, you can give your kitty a healthy and long life.  There’s a great article over at the Petco Community called From Kittenhood to the Golden Years: What Your Cat Should Eat to Thrive, which tells you everything you need to know about your kitty’s nutritional needs from the time you get her as a kitten, until she reaches her senior years.

Cats are obligate carnivores (which means that they NEED to eat meat) and their nutritional requirements are different from dogs.  Take a look at the PAWesome infographic below (from the article cited above) that summarizes those differences, and lays out nutritional needs of cats as they age.  How much should you feed?  How often should you feed?  What should you feed?  Reference the below infographic and you’ll be set!

I usually recommend a diet of wet food (or at least including some wet food in your cat’s diet if you feed her kibble) so that your cat gets enough moisture, which is essential for kidney health, among other things.  And of course, your cat may have specific dietary needs due to food allergies or illness.  If you’d like a resource to get you started on some things to consider about your cat’s food and take a deeper look at several cat food brands, check out this in-depth review of cat food formulas by The Best Cat Food – Safe and Healthy Formulas for Your Feline Friend.  I don’t endorse any particular brand, but this review provides a great breakdown of which brands use various types of ingredients.  Always check with your veterinarian to make sure that your kitty is getting the nutrition she needs!  


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