Declawing Cats: Cat Chat with Liz and Marci – Episode 3

Cat Chat with Liz and Marci Episode 3: Cats, Claws, and DeclawingLiz from Alcohol Cats and I have once again teamed up to bring you a another episode of Cat Chat with Liz and Marci!  Our third episode is now available HERE for FREE for your listening pleasure – you can either stream it, or download it for listening to at your convenience.  Episode 3 addresses everything you need to know about the controversial subject of cats, claws, and declawing, including:

1) Why cats have claws and how they use them
2) What the declawing procedure is and physical implications
3) Why people declaw cats
4) Recent declawing legislation in the US
5) Behavioral implications of declawing cats, and
6) Alternatives to declawing cats and how to prevent unwanted scratching

So, if you or a friend is considering declawing a cat, please take a listen to this podcast and share; you will want to make an informed decision about your cat’s well-being and future.

As always, let me know if you’d like to hear about a particular topic, or have a question answered in our next episode!  Constructive feedback is always welcome – do you have thoughts about declawing cats that you would like to share?  Feel free to leave a comment below!

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