Services and Consultation Requests

Dr. Marci Koski offers a variety of cat behavior consultation types that will provide you with the information you need to either address a behavior problem, or simply give your cat the happy and healthy life she deserves!

Price: $50 for 30-minute phone call
OR $75 for 45-minute video meeting

  • Information about having a cat, cat needs, or cat behavior
  • Advice on whether your cat’s behavior is “normal”, or if you may need veterinary or behavioral help
  • Advice on addressing issues such as counter-surfing, scratching furniture and other destructive behaviors, disruptive night-time activity, etc. 
  • For more complex issues (e.g., house-soiling or aggression), an intro-consult can provide general recommendations that may give you a place to start. Improvements are often seen with simple changes (i.e., litterbox setup fixes), but many such issues are complex and will require more than an intro-consult to fully resolve
  • With the VIDEO intro-consult, Dr. Marci can take a look at your cat’s environment (such as the litterbox setup) to identify and resolve any red flags!
  • Intro-consults are NOT meant to fully assess your situation; this requires a full consultation so that your cat can be evaluated and provided with an appropriate behavior modification plan
  • If you decide to upgrade to a full consult within 2 weeks after the intro-consult, the cost of the intro-consult will be credited towards the price of your full behavior consultation package! 

Price: $300 for Remote 30-Day Package; $350 for In-Home 30-Day Package; add $150 for Premium Package

Perfect for addressing behavior problems such as litterbox issues, spraying, aggression (with other cats or people), shyness or fearfulness, destructive behavior (like scratching), excessive vocalization, and other issues.  These consultations are available anywhere in the US and Canada. All Cat Behavior Consultations include:

  • One in-home (local) or video-conference (long-distance) meeting (1.5-2 hours)
  • Cat behavior assessment based on an in-depth questionnaire
  • One-page customized behavior plan summary
  • Detailed information guides to help implement the plan
  • Follow-up phone calls (at least 1 for 30-day package, and at least 2 for 60-day package)
  • Unlimited email support during the consult period
  • Premium Package is 60 days, includes a second in-home visit or video conference, AND one free phone call anytime AFTER the consultation period ends
  • Travel outside of 20-mile service radius (which covers SW Washington and Portland, OR, areas) is an additional fee depending on location
  • Additional in-home visits: $150 for one hour
  • One-month consultation extension (email support and one 30-minute phone call): $50
  • Additional follow-up phone calls after consultation period: $30 for 30 minutes

Price Range: $250 – $350

Cat Well-Being Consultations are a great opportunity for you to make sure your cat has the best living life possible.  These services are designed to keep your cat happy and help prevent behavior problems from occurring:

  • Paws-On Training Session ($300; in-home only) – During a FUN in-home visit Dr. Koski will teach you how to give your cat the physical and mental exercise she needs, with a focus on play, positive reinforcement, and clicker-training.  Mental & physical stimulation help prevent behavioral problems and improves mood – great for any cat!  You’ll receive a training book and clicker, and a written summary of recommendations discussed at the visit.  
  • New Kitten / New Cat Info Session ($300* – $350**) – Are you new to kitten or cat guardianship? No problem!  During a video conference* or in-home visit**, Dr. Koski will answer all of your questions about giving your cat what she needs.  We’ll discuss necessary resources (e.g., litterbox setup, food, toys, napping/perching spots, etc.), enrichment (physical and mental), training fundamentals, and address any questions you have about living with a cat.  You’ll receive a summary of what we discussed, 30 days of email support, and a 30-minute follow-up phone call.
  • Happy Cat, Happy Home Evaluation ($250* – $300**) – Dr. Koski will visit your home (either via video conference* or in-person**) to make sure that your cat has what she needs for a happy and healthy life, and to prevent common behavioral problems.  Dr. Koski will take a look at your litterbox setup, the resources you’ve established for your cat, and make recommendations where things may need improvement.  You’ll receive a written summary of everything discussed during the visit, including recommended resources.  This is a great consultation to get if you’re preparing to add a new family member (e.g., a baby or new pet), or if you just want to make sure your cat has an environment in which she will thrive!

Feline Behavior Solutions will be launching an online school soon!

Dr. Marci Koski has given numerous talks, classes, and webinars on various subjects.  

Dr. Marci will soon be releasing the following online classes and webinars:

  • Feline Communication: Learning to Speak Cat Beyond Meow
  • Thinking Inside the Box (how to achieve Litterbox Purrvana)
  • Taking Care of Adult and Senior Cats
  • Addressing Feline Aggression

Please keep an eye out for an announcement when these courses are available!

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