Ordering and Scheduling Process

Feline Behavior Solutions services (listed below) are customized for the needs of you and your cat. I offer a variety of consultation types and classes that will provide you with the information you need to either address a behavior problem, or simply give your cat the happy and healthy life she deserves!

Once you’ve decided which services you would like and have contacted me through the Contact Page, I will contact you to gather some preliminary information and schedule a date for your service.  I will then email you an invoice and link to securely pay for the service you wish to buy. Once I receive payment from you, I will email you to confirm your purchase, as well as the date and time of your service.


Cat Behavior Solutions Consultations

Are you frustrated with your cat’s behavior issues?  A Cat Behavior Solutions Consultation is perfect for addressing problems such as “going” outside of the litterbox, spraying, aggression (with other cats or people), shyness or fearfulness, destructive behavior (like scratching), excessive yowling, and other issues.  I will assess your cat’s behavior and environment to determine the cause of the behavioral problem your cat is exhibiting, and make recommendations to stop inappropriate behaviors and redirect activity to appropriate outlets. I will work with you to ensure that your customized behavior plan is feasible and that your cat is making progress.  All Cat Behavior Solutions Consultations include:

  • An in-home or Skype/FaceTime meeting (~1.5 hours) to assess your cat’s environment (don’t worry, I’m judgement-free!), discuss the information you provide via a detailed intake questionnaire, and talk about initial recommendations that will work for you and your family.
  • An easy-to-follow one-page summary of the agreed-upon behavior plan.
  • A digital audio file that you can listen to that recaps our meeting and recommendations.  I’ll walk you through everything step-by-step.
  • Detailed information guides to help you implement behavior plan recommendations.
  • Unlimited email support throughout your consultation period.  Have questions about how to do something?  Let me know!  And, I love updates – what’s working, what’s not.  I will help you every step of the way!
  • Follow-up phone calls (30 minutes each):  at least one call for a 30-day consult, and at least 2 for a 60-day consult.  We’ll talk about how things are going, and decide of any changes to the behavior plan are necessary.

Pricing for Cat Behavior Solutions Consultations:

  • 30-Day In-Home Cat Behavior Solutions Consult:  $300 (service area: Southwest Washington and Portland, Oregon; there may be an additional charge to cover travel time and gas outside of this service area, i.e., outside a 15-mile radius from I-205 and Mill Plain Blvd).
  • 60-Day In-Home Cat Behavior Solutions Consult:  $350 (see service areas above).
  • 30-Day Long-Distance Cat Behavior Solutions Consult:  $275 (Nation-wide, via Skype or FaceTime).
  • 60-Day Long-Distance Cat Behavior Solutions Consult:  $325 (Nation-wide, via Skype or FaceTime).

Additional Items for Cat Behavior Solutions Consultations:

  • Detailed behavior plan report:  $200  This is a highly detailed, customized report that captures everything we discuss during our initial meeting.  I lay out the exact issues that your cat is exhibiting, the prognosis for those issues, and customized instructions for improving your situation.  This report will come with links to recommended resources and other useful information that you’ll be able to guide you through the consultation process and beyond (this replaces the information guides described above).
  • Additional in-home follow-up visits:  $125  (up to one hour, during the consultation period; additional fee for travel may apply as described above).
  • Additional follow-up phone calls:  $30 (per half-hour after the initial consultation period.)

Interested in scheduling a consultation with me to resolve your cat’s behavior issue?

Cat Well-Being Consultations

Cats Services Circles - vacation catI also offer the following services if you’d like to ensure that your cat has the best home you can provide, or if you’d like to learn more about how to give your cat the necessary physical and mental stimulation she needs.  These services are designed to keep your cat happy and help prevent behavior problems from occurring:

  • Paws-On Training Session:  $250  Your cat is a finely-tuned predator who may be missing out on expressing her biological instincts if she’s just sitting around your house all day.  Predators need to act out their natural urges or they risk becoming mischievous, bored, or depressed; all of these things can result in stress-related behavior issues.  I will come to your home and teach you how to give your cat the physical and mental exercise she needs, with a focus on positive reinforcement and clicker-training!  You will be surprised at what your cat can do using simple training techniques.  Mental stimulation helps prevent behavioral problems and improves mood – great for any cat!  You’ll receive a training book and clicker, 30 days of email support, and a follow-up phone call (30 minutes) to make sure that any questions you have are addressed.  I’ve found that both cats AND their people benefit from this hands-on training session – it’s fun for cats and humans alike, long after the training session ends!
  • Happy Cat, Happy Home Evaluation:  $350  I will visit your home to make sure that your cat has what she needs for a happy and healthy life, and to prevent common behavioral problems.  I’ll take a look at your litterbox setup, the resources you’ve established for your cat, and make recommendations were things may need improvement.  You’ll receive a summary of everything we discussed during my visit (including recommended resources) in a detailed, customized report; 30 days of email support; and a follow-up phone call (30 minutes) to ensure that any recommendations you want to implement are having the desired effect.  This is a great consultation to get if you’re preparing to add a new family member (e.g., if you’re expecting a baby or adopting a new pet), or if you just want to make sure your cat has an environment in which she can thrive!
  • Intro-Consultation:  $50 Nationwide  This is an economical option if you’d just like some general advice instead of a series of calls or an in-home visit. Here’s what you’ll get for this service: A 30-minute phone call to talk about any general questions you have about having a cat, cat needs, or cat behavior.  Please note that intro-consultations are not meant to diagnose what’s going on with your cat, or provide recommendations for your kitty – that will require a full consultation so that I can provide you with an accurate assessment and behavior plan.  However, I *may* be able to help you decide whether you should proceed with a full consultation based on your concerns (i.e., I can help you determine whether your cat’s behavior is “normal”, or if you might need further help with an issue).  The $50 you pay for the intro-consultation will be credited towards a full behavior consultation if you decide to proceed with one!

Classes and Webinars

service-03I offer a number of informational classes that I give in a variety of settings, either in-person or online.  You’ll receive course materials and a list of resources to take home with you.  The following classes are available:

      • Cats 101 – Are you new to having cats?  Get started off on the right paw by learning about basic cat behavior, nutrition, and environmental needs of your kitty.
      • Kitten Care – Are you considering adopting a kitten or have one already?  I’ll go over their physical development and socialization, behavior, nutrition, and environmental requirements.
      • Caring For Your Senior Cat – If you have a cat who’s entering her golden years, her needs will change.  I’ll teach you about senior nutrition and health concerns, as well as how to keep senior cats active and stimulated.
      • Litterbox Purrvana – Prevent litterbox avoidance issues from happening by learning about common mistakes pet parents make when it comes to setting up litterboxes.  I’ll teach you how to create a litterbox purrvana that your cat can’t resist!
      • Coming Soon:  Litterbox 911! – Is your cat “thinking outside of the box” and you can’t figure out what’s going on?  This will be an online course comprised of videos and printable resources.  Take the course at your own pace – it’s the next best thing to having me come to your home and helping you with your cat’s litterbox issues!

The cost of these classes varies depending on the location and the number of attendees.  Webinars (online classes) are currently under development and may be offered for free or for purchase.  If you are interested in any of these course offerings, please contact me to discuss the details.

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