Puzzled by your cat's curious behavior?

That's ok - cats are curious creatures! Dr. Marci is here to give you answers.

The 30-Minute Introductory Consultation:

Your first step to understanding your cat's behavior.

Whether you have a cat with chronic behavior issues (such as inappropriate elimination, spraying, or aggression), or are simply stumped by your cat's antics, a 30-minute phone call with Dr. Marci will give you information about:

  • General feline needs and behavior
  • Determining whether or not your cat's behavior is "normal" or if it's a concern that needs to be addressed
  • Resolving simple issues such as scratching furniture, counter-surfing, destructive behaviors, or attention-getting activities
  • Options for addressing more serious behaviors such as litterbox issues or aggression

Understanding what your cat is telling you through his or her behavior is an essential part of meeting his or her needs and providing a happy, healthy life free of behavior issues. Dr. Marci is ready to help translate your cat's behavior so that you can give your kitty what he or she needs!

Additionally, if you decide to upgrade to a full consultation after the 30-minute intro-consult, the price of the intro-consult ($50) will be credited towards your full consultation! If you're thinking about getting help for your cat's behavior, there is no reason to NOT take advantage of talking with Dr. Marci with a 30-minute introductory consult!

The intro-consult can also be purchased as a gift for someone else. Have a friend or family member who could use some help? The 30-minute intro-consult is fully-transferable!

Talking with Dr. Marci about your cat for 30 minutes: $50. Understanding the needs of your kitty: Purriceless!

Purrrchase Intro-Consult MEOW

Here's How it Works:

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