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Looking for a compassionate cat behavior consultant who cares about you and your cat?

Whether your cat is naughty or nice, I can help improve the quality of life for both you and your kitty.  If your cat is experiencing behavior issues that need to be resolved, Feline Behavior Solutions can help. As a certified cat behavior consultant, I develop personalized behavior and training plans for cats and their people. I will teach you how to nurture healthy and appropriate feline behaviors while stopping the problematic ones, or provide you with guidance about how to prevent behavior problems from starting and giving your cat the best life possible. I offer a number of types of consultations and other services in both the Portland and Vancouver areas, as well as nation-wide, to benefit you and your feline companions!

The mission of Feline Behavior Solutions is to prevent cats from being abandoned, abused, or surrendered to shelters (and being subject to illness, injury or death) as the result of treatable behavioral issues.  By providing cat guardians with the necessary education and tools to prevent or treat behavior problems, Feline Behavior Solutions helps guardians coexist with their cats in happy, healthy relationships throughout their lives.


Cat Behavior Consultations

Are you frustrated with your cat’s behavior problem?  I offer in-home and long-distance consultations that will give you the tools you need to correct litterbox issues, spraying, aggression, destructive behavior, and many other problems.

Well-Being Consultations

Do you want to give your cat the best life possible?  I can teach you what your cat needs to thrive in her environment with my Happy Cat, Happy Home evaluation, or my Paws-On Training Session.  Your cat will love you for it!

Classes & Webinars

I offer a number of classes in a variety of locations including in-person and online.  You can choose from Cats 101, Litterbox Purrvana, Kitten Care, Caring For Your Senior Cat, and more.  I can also design a custom class to suit your needs!

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